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  • Me:

    Yeah this sign language thing for light in Chinese reminds me of Gee

  • Isu:

    What's Gee?

  • Me:

    It's SNSD, you don't know?? Here, I'll send you a link.

  • Isu:

    (watches)....이거 뭐야...징그러워


You know, for someone who has to set a good example of professionalism, it was very hypocritical of you to send me an email that said “P.S. wtf?”.
I understand that you are the authority but I do not deserve that kind of disrespect and condescending tone. All I said was “I’m assuming you did not receive my email”, which in my opinion has absolutely no disrespectful or condescending intentions. I have no idea why you’re doing this to me, but all I know now is that I just want to leave your lab.


So after about what seems to be a semester of your constant nagging over small mistakes and comparing me to others, I have decided that I have had enough of your shit and I will be leaving the lab. I’ve dealt with your false accusations, misunderstandings, unnecessary criticisms, and ridiculous expectations, and I’m done. I’ve realized that this experience has been physically and mentally unhealthy for me, mostly because of you.

I hope you understand just how much you can demoralize someone by comparing him/her to others…”He does this”, “He does that”, “Why can’t you do what he does”, “He understood this faster than you”. You’re starting to make me hate this guy for no good reason. I’m sick of hearing his name and I’m sick of seeing his face because you keep fucking comparing me to him. I don’t have the same schedule as he does, and thus I didn’t receive the same FUCKING TRAINING as he did. 

I have learned nothing from you. I’ve joined this lab thinking that you would teach me about your project and give me opportunities to learn about the research experience. Looking at my experience so far, I’m gravely disappointed to be honest.

6 undergraduates….6 UNDERGRADUATES

You know, you even tell us that you can’t handle 6 undergraduates and that you won’t be able to train us all, then WHY get 6 undergraduates IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE. I’ve been spending MOST of my lab time alone, while you expect me, a LEARNING undergraduate, to carry out a task that I’m not sure about. And then of course you get mad if I make a small mistake and blame me that I’m not following directions. I assure you I am, but demonstrations are much different from instructions written on an email. I’m also pretty sure that you don’t even know what tasks you’ve given me because you have to juggle around six…SIX undergraduates. 

When you asked me if I was considering other labs, I almost laughed because I know that was just a euphemism for “I don’t want you here anymore”. But at this point, hell, why not consider other labs. I’ve been miserable under your so-called “mentorship” or lack thereof anyway. 

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